Hellhound Hunt is official!

Hellhound Hunt is officially published! Augh! It feels pretty unbelievable to have a book out in the real world for the first time, but here we go. I always wanted to be an author (don’t most author biographies start like that?), but most of my professional life has been scientific. My lab notebooks suffered most from this, since I was always writing stories  and then ripping out the pages.41NSN8aNEjL


Hellhound Hunt itself started as a draft that I wrote for National Novel Writing Month in November 2014, but after a half-dozen rewrites it has managed to evolve into quite a different story. Getting it properly formatted as an ebook for Kindle was another (far briefer) adventure that involved a lot of swearing at the computer, and eventual rescue by my long-suffering husband Matt, king of all things technological. I think the experience has put him off Macs forever. He was kind enough to design the cover, and very patient with the way I hovered over his shoulder while he was doing so.

There is going to be one sequel at the least – I have to do something with all the plot points I yanked out of the original draft, or else they will bounce around the inside of my head forever – so I’ll keep the blog updated with the latest news about that, as well as anything else interesting going on in my life.

And for anyone who wants a signed copy – I love you! – I will happily sign one for you if you’re in the area, but right now the paperbacks are shipping directly from Amazon. A bookplate is in the planning stages, so let me know if you are interested in getting one. I shall happily sign it and send it on!

Amazon still hasn’t linked the Kindle copy and paperback copy, so here are the two links:

Hellhound Hunt paperback

Hellhound Hunt for Kindle




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