Can we call it a collector’s edition?

41FxO6UjA8L._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_So we finally got a paperback copy of ‘Hellhound Hunt’ for our very own, and because of a filesaving glitch when we were adjusting the cover image, some copies went out with the old cover (and title). So if you’re confused about why you opened your package to see ‘Black Hound Haunt,’ that would be why. The moral of the story might be: “Don’t change the title of your book the day before you publish it.” Alternately, “Don’t publish a book and then go to the middle of nowhere with no internet access for three days.” Although the middle of nowhere (Bar Harbor, to be precise), was indeed quite beautiful. I shall post some photos shortly, now that we’ve gotten to my inlaws’ house, where there is actually technology.

#hellhoundhunt #blackhoundhaunt #adventuresinpublishing




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