Bar Harbor adventures!

So for the past several days I’ve been in the Great White North (aka Maine). We got incredibly lucky with warm weather in Bar Harbor, since I’m not a fan of the cold. A hike around Jordan Pond yielded a loon sighting and me nearly falling off the wooden path while examining egg masses in the bog beneath. The great question: frog or salamander? Answer: I’m still not sure, but probably both: according to The Interwebs, a salamander egg mass has a second layer of gel surrounding it, while frog eggs do not. Secondary answer: I’m glad I didn’t take a header into a vernal pool whilst finding out, because Maine water in May is cold.

We also explored some tide pools in Southwest Harbor, speaking of almost falling into water.




We found some teeny shrimp that were impossible to photograph with my admittedly-less-than-perfect phone. I could get some pictures of the snails, though.


We rested a bit, taking in the gorgeous view and less-than-magnificent seabirds.


Then we made our way back to the car on the forest path, which offered some lovely strawberry blossoms, hemlocks, and sadly not-yet-blossoming wild roses.




More later, but for now it’s time for bed!


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