In which terns destroy my tidepool dreams, or, Keep Going Up Far Above Hell & Live.

Today we went to New Hampshire to explore some historic forts and – I hoped – some tidepools. Unfortunately for me, when we arrived at Fort Constitution, I was greeted by this lookout.


No, the concrete wasn’t the problem. This was:


Those little white birds are terns. When you go near their territory, they dive-bomb you and poop on you. Not conducive to peaceful contemplation of nature’s beauty. So instead we went to Fort Stark and checked out something else.

Interesting history, and a lot of street art.


IMG_20170523_104910675 (1)

IMG_20170523_104640709_HDR (1)

There was even a little bit of a wetland ecosystem going on in the old battery.

IMG_20170523_103957069 (1).jpg

Keep going up far above Hell.

IMG_20170523_104651508_HDR (1).jpg

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