The Hellhound Hunt giveaway begins today!

Happy birthday to me! (And possibly to you, in a way). The Hellhound Hunt giveaway begins today on Goodreads! Enter before July 14th to win an autographed copy! In more mundane news (pun for the Mortal Instruments fans out there?), we have partially conquered our jammed tub drain with formidable use of Drano. I don’t think there’s a rune for plumbing problems…

In other news, tonight is my first official meeting with the DC Sci-fi/Fantasy Capitol Hill Writer’s Group. It’s the first time there have been enough writers in the genre to merit a separate group – memoir/nonfiction/romance all have separate groups, but sci-fi/fantasy has been scarce. So that’s pretty cool. I haven’t done writing workshops since college creative writing, where I had the terrifying experience of sitting in silence for 45 minutes as ten (relative) strangers picked apart my beloved story for the very first time. Most of the time I was trying to disappear into my chair and refusing to meet anyone’s eyes. My clearest memory is staring at a green water bottle and thinking the sunlight looked really pretty through it. Afterwards, the owner of the water bottle (hi Kat!) told me I’d done well (aka hadn’t burst into tears), and that it gets easier. I mostly miss constructive criticism now, hence the joining of the writing group. Hopefully it’ll have a Kat. Or maybe I’ll get to be someone’s Kat (cue the sappy awwwws). I don’t have the requisite green water bottle though. We’re meeting at a Starbucks, because we live in DC and so of COURSE we are.

And again, Hellhound Hunt giveaway!

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