Brie is the food of inspiration

The first writing meeting went well! (I think). It was mostly working out ground rules for reviewing each other’s work. It was excellent strategizing, fueled by such delectable items as strawberries, brownies, grapes, and Brie. An official meeting had just wrapped up, and we kidnapped some leftover snacks (with permission from staff, because we are not complete heathens). DELICIOUS.

Now I have to go sleep because Awesome Con starts tomorrow and volunteering will TAKE OVER MY LIFE this weekend. I will post pictures. Sadly I cannot promote Hellhound while I’m there, since volunteers are prohibited from promoting any of their personal stuff. Which is fair, but unfortunate. Still! Free t-shirt, lots of sci-fi and fantasy, and David Tennant will be somewhere in the vicinity.

#hellhoundhunt #awesomecon #brieisthebest


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