What counts as a hometown?

In my eternal quest for self-marketing – which I will probably always feel awkward about – I came across a site called Hometown Reads.

Hometown Reads

It’s based around the idea of supporting authors in your hometown – kind of like Goodreads, except location-based. I picked DC as my designated hometown, since a) I live here now, and b) Hellhound Hunt is set here. It feels a little weird to think of DC as home, since I am a Jersey girl at heart and I loved the seven years I spent in Hawaii, but I’m beginning to display some DC resident behaviors now – most notably bitching about tourists and their inability to stick to the “stand on the right, walk on the left” rule on escalators. But for all that I’m inwardly cursing the people who block metro doors and jam up the sidewalks, it’s starting to feel like home. Which is distinctly weird, when for twenty-something years home was this:



Hawaii was brighter, and greener, and the weather was reliably pleasant. I got a dog, I got married, I tried to sneak looks at the end of our street when ‘Hawaii 5-O’ shut it down for filming. A bunch of the ‘Lost’ actors moved into our neighborhood and Josh Holloway’s wife adopted some feral ducks. Zeke may or may not have flung himself out of the kayak in an effort to capture said ducks. (He failed, for what it’s worth).



And now home is this:



It’s home for most of the creatures in Hellhound, too. Although I don’t know how Caddie will feel about the snow. My own little hellcritter doesn’t like it much.

#hometownreads #hellhoundhunt #dc #hawaii #newjersey

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